Virtualizing Drupal Development Environment

Best for developers starting Drupal development who want to use common DevOps tools and practices being used today. This session will talk about how to virtualize your Drupal development environment using VirtualBox, Vagrant, Ansible and Drush. This session will also talk about some advantages of using automation software when setting up your environment compared to the traditional way of setting up development environments.

Highlights of this session are as follows:

  1. Virtualization
    • Advantages of Virtualization
    • Advantages of using automation tools such as Ansible in Virtualized environments
  2. Vagrant
    • Setting up LInux(ubuntu) virtual environment
    • Vagrant provisioning
    • Shell provisioning
    • Overview of Ansible provisioning
  3. Drush
    • Installation of Drupal using Drush
    • Basic administrative commands offered by Drush
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10:30 AM
Pantheon room

About the Speaker

First Name: Bryan
Last Name: Serad
Company: PowerStormTech
Role: System Administrator